Saturday, September 01, 2012

Year gone by

"A year has gone by since I posted."  Sadly I have typed those words before in this blog.   It means I've lost my thread.  Again.  Writing is my desired vocation but I have continued to allow life to overpower that desire.  Sometimes life needed the leading role, and sometimes it didn't. 

Interesting the last post was Labor Day weekend and here it is again, Labor Day weekend one year later.  September is the new year to me.  The time to start new habits and try new things.  Time for change.  

In my day job I am starting with a new employer next week.  After 16 years with one company, I took the plunge into new-job-hood.  My motivation to make this change is not for the usual career advancement -- more money, more status, more responsibility, more importance.  Instead it is a move toward a simpler life, closer to home (five blocks from my house to be exact), a much smaller company, a hometown company.  I don't know yet if I will be successful but I know this change will allow for new experiences, something I crave in my cells. 

Among the many reasons I have given to others for the job change, one I haven't mentioned out loud is a small hope that it will allow more time for my writing.  For actually writing something.  For typing words on a blank screen or writing letters on a yellow legal pad.  For writing.  As reasons go, it is a pretty darn good one.

So many things have happened since my last post.  And if I don't get some self-discipline, my next post will be a year from now.  And even though lovely life full of stress and joy will happen whether I write or not, I want this year to be different.  Praying for some discoveries on how I can be more self-disciplined.


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