Monday, June 02, 2008

Two Years, Eight Months, Five Days since my last post...

I took a long vacation from writing. I guess the agony of defeat for me, resulted in a lack of desire to prolong the pain.

What have I been up to in the last almost three years? Well, writing-wise, virtually nothing. I have continued to occasionally read 'The Writer' when I am at the library, secretly, and usually finish it thinking, 'Nah, not ready yet.' I've written many emails. I went back to full-time employment (i.e. the day job) about 18 months ago and have been processing that in combination with life with four children, a husband, a house, a dog. The flow of that process is a convoluted, chaotic, complicated curve-ball of a life -- at least it isn't dull.

But like a slowing healing fracture, I've been gradually placing more weight on my broken writing bone. I babied it, I pitied it, I fiercely protected it from any possible exposure. But over time, I have come to terms. I'm sad that it took me this long to feel ready. Ready to write again. But I am.

I want to give credit to my latest two inspirations in this area:
1) Making A Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers by Carolyn See, which is a clean-cut, straightforward, dig into it now bit of inspiration. Not cluged up with details, just meat and potatoes for someone who is 'ready' now. (
2) Plotting for Beginners: A novel for new beginnings by Sue Hepworth and Jane Linfoot, which is making me grin now, just recalling it. A novel about a writer trying to break into publishing. Full of insecurities and silly mistakes all us beginning writers can identify with(

I don't know how often my life will allow a post, but for now, I'm doing my 1000 words a day (thank you carolyn) as often as I possibly can, and loving it. A new story is brewing -- refreshing. Stay tuned for the next installment of 'Life doesn't end with Rejection #104'.