Friday, September 07, 2012

Thinking Bee

I have a day off work and today I am devoting it to thinking.  God has assisted my plan by providing a lovely thundershower with steady rain.  I am alone in my house, something that happens about as often as an eclipse.  And when given several options for how to fill my day I decided I would think.  I would turn off the television (check) and try to avoid facebook and email (there's still time to achieve that one today) and think.

Think about yesterday -- my last day of working at the same company for 16 years.  Many goodbyes. Thinking about Monday -- the first day at a new job.  Thinking about my husband and each of my kids and where they are in life right now, and praying for any pockets of worry that I have for each of them.  But mostly just thinking about random thoughts like silence, and daydreams, and how great porch swings are.  Just thinking about thinking is giving me endorphins to last the weekend.

Thinking is highly underrated.  I'm pretty good at it.  Maybe not Olympic caliber but I could win the county Thinking Bee.  A Thinking Bee, can't you just picture it?  Yum.

 I am in the moment, grateful for peace of mind.  Enjoying my thoughts.

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