Sunday, January 26, 2014


I’ve read a lot lately about having an outline rather than going by the seat of your pants when you are writing.  The idea of an outline scares me because I don't have a good idea where my story is going when I start.  So today I think I’ll brainstorm story ideas.  I’m starting a new folder titled ‘story’ and I’ll just let it flow.   My setting is gelling up nicely, my characters are revealing themselves in an exciting way, but what is the story I'm trying to tell?   I don't have a lot of burning stories in my gut waiting to be released like you hear some authors do.  And truth is, these are the kind of books I like best. Quiet stories, where the characters are experiencing everyday life and making discoveries about themselves.  The feeling on one hand is that there isn't a market for that.  The feeling on the other hand is that if I like them, someone else must also.  So I have these people in this town, and I'm not sure what they should do next.  I read that this is a universal writer's problem.  But when I sit down to write an outline, meh.  It is like a faucet shuts down.  I feel more like free writing and just seeing what comes out.  I know it may not be the wisest course of action, but it feels right.  And after all, this isn't for publication, it is for my own expression of creativity.  I need to quit thinking what will thrill an agent and just go to town.

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