Sunday, January 19, 2014

How do you spell Kumbayah?

How do you spell Kumbayah?  
Well I Googled it and as you can see I figured it out.  This is a term my husband and I have been throwing around  lately to describe a state of being that we just can't seem to get to. We can't seem to 'unsee' and 'unhear' things that have been done and said that were hurtful, or unnecessary, or manipulative. 

How do you forgive someone who has behaved in a very unlovely way? 
I Googled it and it turns out this all has to do with love.  Forgiveness is to remove anger from your insides so it doesn't turn you into a bitter and depressed person on the outside.  So you do it for yourself and because it is what God wants you to do. 

But wait, what if they don't even realize they did anything wrong?   
This is a tougher one, but Google still returned with "About 97,800,000 results (0.42 seconds) ". Even though nothing in those results really satisfied me, it is comforting to know I only read the first three. The answer could still be out there.

How to discuss a depressing topic without depressing those around you?
Yeah, I didn't bother to Google this one.  We all know it isn't possible.  That is why I'm blogging about this rather than talking to or emailing friends.  Because I don't want to share my dark cloud with anyone who is currently sitting in a chaise lounge in the sun.  Having said that, the theme of this blog is how writing keeps me sane.  And it does.   Like, now. See the sanity returning? 

If someone doesn't like you, why does it bother you? 
Googling this made me smile, as the second entry in the results was "How to not be annoying, 11 steps with pictures" You mean, like maybe they have an actual reason for not liking me?  Now I'm disappointed Google.  I thought you were going to tell me that it doesn't matter what other people think.  

Is it better to live in a world that seems fine but isn't?  Or one that doesn't seem fine, but is?
I think we all live in fantasy world a good portion of the time.  We see what we want to see and we ignore the rest. Until something smacks us in the face like a bluejay hitting the glass patio door.   God knows and I know that truth is what sets you free.  For that bluejay to pretend that the glass wasn't there did him a world of hurt.  We need to see the glass. And fly another direction.

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