Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Little Successes

From everything I see, hear, and read, we aspiring authors must cling to the little successes in our careers. If we wait to celebrate the publication of our first book, it could be a very boring ride, or as my formerly adorable six year old is suddenly prone to saying, "I'd rather chew my arm off, than wait that long." Authors take years, if not decades to land a contract, and those are the ones we hear about. We don't hear much about the ones who, eighteen years into the process, give up.

So, here are a few goals I have achieved in the last two weeks, which I am celebrating. If you are out there, experiencing the same ups and downs with me, then take heart and try to come up with a few of your own 'mini-goals':
Achieved in July:
--Received a request for a full Manuscript from a reputable agent
--Received a second request for a full
--Agent requested 'exclusive' while she read my book
--Favorite author emailed me to see how my writing was going
--First live human to read my book cover to cover gave her generous and thoughtful critique
--Taking online writing class from another favorite author
--Got my first compliment on my query letter
--Gave up on two lousy printers, and the problems printing at the copy store from a diskette, and bought a new laser printer. Printed my book last night, 375 pages, in about 20 minutes, clear and clean.

Mini-goals for next month:
--Re-read any positive encouragement received to date (emails, letters)
--Take notes at least five separate times on book two
--Complete writing course
--Choose and ask second person read manuscript
--Write at least once a week, and stop beating myself up for not writing more than that.
--Not lose my sanity as I get the kids ready for school to start again.

One of my writing assignments in the online class was to list twenty five things I love, and one of them was lists, so I thought I'd capitalize on that pleasure, right here:-)



  1. Toni's lil sis7/21/2005 11:47:00 PM

    I'd love to be the next person to read your novel! I've been meaning to ask but it seems we always get off on some other tangent. I'm dying to read it, just wasn't sure if you were letting others read it yet....since someone has (and I bet I could guess who that person is!), I figure it can't hurt to ask. ;-)

    I enjoy your blog, by the way.

  2. Nope, it wasn't who you'd guess. I'm going with people who have a chance of being objective. "They say" you aren't supposed to use friends or family as readers when you are still working out the kinks, instead to let them read your first published copies (grins).

    Thanks for stopping by, little sis!

  3. All right, this is cool. I'll take a look at it for you. You wouldn't tell it from my blog, but I'm actually a fairly literate person. I write screenplays and short stories and would give you an objective point of view.

  4. Suring by, bookmarking for more readings. . .

  5. HEY! I never knew you had a site like this! I love your books and you on the radio!

  6. LOTS of visitors this morning!

    Thanks for stopping by, all of you, and for your kind offers.

    anonymous--I'm not the Tony Evans from the radio, I'm a female, mother of four from Illinois, but I do enjoy those radio sermons occasionally too :-)