Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some people love cats--I love Staples

I know I'm not alone in this.  The energy received from breathing in the fumes in the cardstock aisle.  The tingly fingers as you pass by the 114 kinds of ink pens, retractable, gel, cheap, expensive, special comfort grip.  The stars in my eyes as I peruse the calendar aisle imagining just how cleverly my days could fall into place if I select just the right planner.

A 17 cent spiral notebook, college rule, mustard yellow catches my eye, but then the packages of 24 glue sticks draw me in.  Containers from conservative taupe to magenta and white paisley. I spy the display of moleskin notebooks and I'm mesmerized for five minutes, imagining all the uses, which color matches with which purpose best?  Green for a gardening journal?  Red for a Christmas shopping list?

What do I need 24 glue sticks for you ask?  Tsk, well, you don't understand addictions if you ask "Why?".  Why does the cigarette smoker need a fresh box of Marlboros?  Would you ask the heroin addict why?  No.  No relevancy to wondering why when you could instead be comparing shades of ivory envelopes.

Now for the cat thing.  Hey, I have tried.  I continue to try.  I hate to say it and lose any of my precious blog followers, but I'm just not getting the cat thing.  I kinda sorta like my dog.   I grew up with cats and dogs, As an adult I owned a cat for 18 years. I've always said I'm a cat AND a dog person -- this is wishful thinking. I'm finally standing up and admitting "I'm sorry but cats just don't appeal to me."  All these cat memes and cat pictures and posters.  I wish there was a 'hide all cat pictures' button in Facebook.

I'm continuing to try to grow in my ability to tolerate cats, to not be biased against their cold, shedding, uninterested selves. But it really isn't working.  Cats are beginning to fall in that same category I put bats, spiders, mice, snakes.

All the cat lovers are thinking "She'd rather snuggle up next to a good three-ring binder than a soft fluffy living breathing being?"  While not admirable-- true.

I apologize to all those who believed I was perfect before this shameful confession.  I could overcome this character flaw, with time.  Until then, give me p a p e r c l i p s....

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